Sagar Lamsal Bale is an established name in Nepali art field. All his activities have now earned a good spot in the media. The subject of his love affair is also gaining a good place nowadays. Viewers have long liked Sagar Lamsal Bale and Priyana Acharya Munni’s pair at Reel Life. Whether it’s a Sakkigoni comedy serial or a variety of music videos, the pair are very interested in the audience.

It was in this context that many viewers and media started discussing the love affair between Sagar Lamsal Bale and Priyana Acharya Munni. Perhaps the answer may be that Sagar Lamsal Bale has indirectly declared his girlfriend public, Prizma Khatiwada. And Prizma Khatiwada has also indirectly accepted it. All information on this topic is in the video below.

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प्रतिक्रिया दिनुहोस